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My name is Shannan. I am a wife and mother who is rediscovering my style and love for fashion. My must-haves are pieces that are stylish, comfortable and affordable. While I will offer fashion tips, I will also share my life experiences in hopes that you will know that you are not alone in this thing called life!

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  • Lessons from the Past Year: Why I Take my Own Photos (As an Influencer)
    There’s more than one way to be successful influencing. What works for one person may not work for someone else. When I first started this influencer journey, I would get discouraged. I would see so many good pages with perfect pictures. They were bright and white and oh so perfect! And here I was with my […]
  • Journal Entry: Learning Contentment
    But godliness with contentment is great gain. I Timothy 6:6 Now, what does one of my favorite scriptures have to do with this photo? Glad you asked! A few weeks ago, I was playfully teased about my luggage set. It’s old. It has two wheels, instead of four. But, you know what I didn’t do? Run […]
  • Sprucing Up My Bathroom
    This is my husband’s fault. Okay! He never should’ve asked me to get mats for our bathroom. What had happened was…he liked the ones I bought for my children’s bathroom and wanted some for ours. That’s all he asked for. But in my defense, I’m a shopaholic so I did what I do…I revamped our entire […]
  • Five Lessons I Learned in My First Seven Months of Blogging
    I started my blogging journey at the end of May 2020. And boy oh boy have I learned a lot! Here, I’ll share with you five things I’ve learned so far! Own Your Own Space The MOST IMPORTANT lesson I’ve learned so far is to not focus on a platform that I do not own. I’ve […]